Switzerland - Ireland 2008

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2008_05_24_19.25.58.jpgComing down near Zürich late May.
2008_05_24_20.08.36.jpgCountryside Lake Zürich.
2008_05_25_14.13.10.jpgMarket garden cutting garden in Obermeilen, Switzerland; peonies, articholes, roses, grapes in the background.
2008_05_25_14.39.13.jpgIndustrial area complete with graffiti north of Männedorf.
2008_05_25_17.51.39.jpgHorse trough near what may have been a livery stable north of Männedorf. There are fountains and troughs in many places with running water that is drinkable! People drink from them as fountains and collect in bottles.
2008_05_26_13.58.54.jpgZürich Hauptbahnhof / main train station.
2008_05_26_14.09.28.jpgIn the Zürich Hauptbahnhof some great art hanging overhead: this is a 3 dimensional grid of lights that changes color and "shape" constantly in varying rhythms.
2008_05_26_17.41.38.jpgSame Zürich Hauptbahnhof art, different  flavor of the same piece!
2008_05_26_15.17.05.jpgZürich 'rive gauche'- the artists' side of the river, shops and cafes.
2008_05_27_09.37.05.jpgUrsula Schwendimann's Atemschule Studio first day of workshop.
2008_05_27_20.51.36.jpgSunset dinner balmy open air on Lake Zürich.
2008_05_28_09.17.31.jpgOh to be in Switzerland in the time of poppies and peonies and asparagus!
2008_05_28_16.59.29.jpgUrsula and her partner Juerg on the porch of their newly remodeled 1960's modern 'townhouse'.
2008_05_28_17.10.55.jpgUrsula showing us her push button pressure cooker with horizontal racks in it!
2008_05_29_16.58.37.jpgUrsula and Michael basking at the summer home of Carl Jung on Lake Zürich.
2008_05_30_18.14.50.jpgSwiss scenery and architecture.
2008_05_30_22.13.59.jpgUrsula's peppered strawberry desserts!
2008_05_31_14.53.30.jpgOn to Ireland driving on the left!
2008_05_31_16.00.49.jpgHazy green quilted hills.
2008_06_03_14.55.05.jpgIrish Seed Savers Garden near Lough Derg, County Clare / on their own root apple orchard. (lots of vase pruning!)
2008_06_03_14.59.19.jpgThe ubiquitous 'polytunnel' at Irish Seed Savers Garden: only way to ripen tomatoes or produce an early crop of seed!
2008_06_03_15.22.02.jpgArchetypal Irish country lane.
2008_06_03_16.43.32.jpgNell and Tamrind walking East Clare Way, a (public) commons that crests the hills west of Lough Derg, County Clare
2008_06_04_20.04.39.jpgLough Derg, Mountshannon
2008_06_04_20.14.38.jpgTamarind: live storybook dog with stick, in motion.

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